Major feature enhancement for QubeFlex ground station modem for CubeSat/Smallsat/LEO applications

October 24, 2018

Paradise has today announced the immediate release of a major upgrade to its QubeFlex™ ground station modem. The QubeFlex™ addresses CubeSat and Smallsat Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) applications.


The QubeFlex™ modem’s existing support for the CCSDS telemetry protocol (along with Viterbi/Reed-Solomon error correction) has now been extended to incorporate the CCSDS DVB-S2 standard (CCSDS 131.3-B-1). In addition, we have added our own proprietary extension to allow CCSDS to be used with the DVB-S2X standard (EN 302 307-2). The maximum data rate has also been increased from 60Mbps up to 100Mbps.


New LEO services can now adopt future proof satellite modem technology at the outset, allowing satellite services to grow over time in response to increasing user demands without having to migrate to new hardware. For LEO applications that already use CCSDS, the QubeFlex™ provides a plug-and-play upgrade path, allowing applications to benefit from the much higher bandwidth efficiency and higher data rates of DVB-S2/S2X but without having to change the way in which data is processed, either on board the satellite or on the ground.


The QubeFlex™ has been designed from the ground up to match the need of LEO applications. The demodulator will acquire and remain locked to the signal even when faced with the largest Doppler frequency shifts caused by fast-moving LEO satellites. S-band signals can be demodulated directly without the need for any further down conversion. The QubeFlex™ is protocol agnostic and all features and error correction schemes can be used regardless of how data from the satellite is formatted.


The latest datasheet for the QubeFlex™ can be found here.